#Better Late Than Never 11

Hey guys,

I’m SO sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been super busy and stuff. So I graduated college, thank goodness, that’s finally over 😀 I passed everything and received some merits, i’m super happy to be honest. I’m going to sew a long sleeved top soon, probably this winter haha

I want to set up a business, make music videos and live a happy, fulfilling life.

Oh yeah, guys, guess what bad news I have…I’ve been having what’s called intrusive thoughts, I bleeping HATE them, they’re evil, evil I tell you. They make me have these thoughts and voices, telling me to do horrible things to my family. I swear I HATE them with all my might. I want them gone. Anyone know a cure? Please inform me xoxoxoxo

Peace Out Ninjas xoxoxoxo


Leaving Islam

So, i’m not sure if you guys are aware but i reverted to Islam almost 3 years ago. Well, I’m not proud to say it but I recently physically left Islam, in my heart i’m still a Muslim, even though I can’t and don’t practice it right now, i still believe that Muhammad PBUH is the last prophet and Allah SWT is the true God and that Islam is the only way to God. Just at this moment I can’t practice, so I feel it’s better if i physically leave, which I have done. So maybe in a few more years I will retake my shahadah. This has deeply saddened me and I come to tears when i speak it aloud 😥 

If you can offer words of advice, i’ll greatly appreciate it xoxoxoxo

#Better Late Than Never 2 #Sorry!

Hey guys!!!! I’m sorry if you feel like it’s been forever since I last posted…I know I do…eeks, Cristiana, is that a guilty conscious there? Yes. I think it is.

Well guys, I guess you’ll want to know what I’ve been doing. In a nutshell, I’ve had a few really bad panic attacks in the past few days. I had the worst one ever on Thursday, no exaggeration. It was HORRIBLE! So, let’s not speak of it 🙂

I baked a strawberry crumble tonight and ate it with custard, I baked it for myself and my household family…it was really nice! 

Earlier on in the day, I went to this suburb further south to my suburb (trying to not mention locations haha) for some shopping I guess. I then came back to my area and visited the fabric shops across the road from my house and I bought a nice, turquoise, jersey material. You guessed it…I hope! I’m going to sew a sweater. I’m SO excited to sew haha. As soon as I get our Brother sewing machine up and running…Apparently the bobbing isn’t on properly or something like that. Ugh! I began to sew together my dress from an unfinished sewing project and YES, it decided to not sew. So after a good hour or so of playing about trying to get this darn machine working and still in the process of adding the lace in place on the torso of my dress, my father shouted me, turns out he and my mother were expecting the FINISHED product, as they heard the sewing machine working LOL. I will complete it #BetterLateThanNever

Sorry, if this was too lengthy haha. My hands are sore after typing this out…I hope you’ve enjoyed it 🙂 Let me know what you think and if you have any sewing machine advice, PLEASE be a project saver and advise me. Much Appreciated