LONDON Tomorrow :D

Hey guys,

Guess what!?!? I’m going to the big city London tomorrow, all on my own, oh how much of a big girl I am hahaha. I’m super excited, my train leaves early in the morning, I really can’t wait. I might not take the tube while I’m there, because I might get lost. My older sister claims that I can’t get lost on the tube or in London, I beg to differ ahahaha. I wonder if my bus pass, will work on London buses, it should do…I sure hope it does to be honest, as I want to take the bus and many pictures. This is a holiday, after all haha. I’ve got my suitcase packed and all my snacks packed too, I’m ready for this trip 😀

Today was great too, I went for a meal with my family and ate tons…I’m still hungry though guys. Ah well, it was worth the treat and a blast.

In case you are wondering where I disappeared to, my panic attacks have been sky high lately and I was almost admitted into hospital, which would’ve sucked, so I’m glad my father got to me before the ambulance did, I sure gave my social worker or whatever title she has a fright, man, mental health sucks sometimes LOL


A stroll down town

So I was taking a stroll down the town the other down, there’s this street called market street with lots of cool things from posing men to people selling bubbles and candid children’s toys…there was also an Argentine traditional singer dressed as a Native American.
Anything is possible on market street
Peace Out xoxoxo





Biking Around Town…

Alright so this week guys, I’ve decided I want to make a film, a short 5 minute one over the summer break, keep a written journal of my day to day life and feelings…AND guess what…I’ve taken up a new hobby. Biking. Now, I just hope that I can stick to it, I’ve decided that if I can make it a weekly habit, then I’ll be pleased, the way I think about things in life goes like this 1. If you can do it everyday for a week, you can do it for a month. 2. If you can do it for a month, you can do it for a lifetime. So how many life time habits do you think you can develop? Many…I reckon.


I’ve also decided that I’ll most likely make a new blog about my recovery and medications, I know I mentioned this earlier, but it’s coming clearer to me now than it was before, or is it?!?! To be honest, I don’t even know…I think I want to anyway.

My biking trip was really good, I enjoyed it a lot; even though it was short and only lasted fifteen minutes. It was totally worth all of the hassle, digging my fathers old bike out of the shed. I can’t say it was too comfortable though, I reckon this hobby will last and I’ll end up buying a fold away bike…I hope so anyway.

Peace Out My Lovely Ninja’s xoxoxo

My favourite munchies!!!!

Look guys! Look what has been stealing my blogging time! My junk food love! Polish chocolate and my all time favorite sweets, since i can remember! Do you guys like the confused flavour?

Have you ever had Polish chocolate? It tastes SO different to British and American chocolate, there’s something about it that gives it, it’s unique taste. Not only this, but it has so many different, wild, yet delightful flavours, this is one of my favourites, along with a limited edition bar, that was HUGE, thick squares and was long in size, it had to be ate either over a few days or shared with others, it seems like my local Polish shop has stopped supplying it 😦 xoxo Image




Okay guys…guess what! I’ve FINALLY got an iTunes card, after years of wanting one #BetterLateThanNever 😉
And we have a new Sony Vaio in my household haha, oh…let’s not forget the expensive bus ride! Check out my bus ticket 1.80 or something like that lol! I had quite an adventure that day, a trip to the pc shop on the bus…turns out I got a gift too! WOOH!!!!
x o x o

Look what I found…

Look what I found...

Apparently, at the college I attend…we seem to have people that dislike apple macs and prefer android. Either that or they’re just taking the mick…but given that almost everyone that uses the apple macs in the room I found this on, are absolute NERDS. I often overhear conversation of the android vs apple, mac vs windows e..t.c, you know the drift haha 🙂