LONDON Tomorrow :D

Hey guys,

Guess what!?!? I’m going to the big city London tomorrow, all on my own, oh how much of a big girl I am hahaha. I’m super excited, my train leaves early in the morning, I really can’t wait. I might not take the tube while I’m there, because I might get lost. My older sister claims that I can’t get lost on the tube or in London, I beg to differ ahahaha. I wonder if my bus pass, will work on London buses, it should do…I sure hope it does to be honest, as I want to take the bus and many pictures. This is a holiday, after all haha. I’ve got my suitcase packed and all my snacks packed too, I’m ready for this trip 😀

Today was great too, I went for a meal with my family and ate tons…I’m still hungry though guys. Ah well, it was worth the treat and a blast.

In case you are wondering where I disappeared to, my panic attacks have been sky high lately and I was almost admitted into hospital, which would’ve sucked, so I’m glad my father got to me before the ambulance did, I sure gave my social worker or whatever title she has a fright, man, mental health sucks sometimes LOL


2 thoughts on “LONDON Tomorrow :D

  1. Oy, girl. 😦 Sorry about the panic attacks. Might be from ditching the medication? If I were in your situation I would return to my doctor and see what could be done. Panic attacks are effing horrible.

    Best of luck to you. ❤

  2. fabolousity says:

    Thanks chick! I’m going to see the psych doctor this Friday, so i’ll see what he says haha xD

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