#Better Late Than Never 12

okay, so i’ve not posted in a while…you guys are probably wondering what i’ve been doing lol. well, i’ve been searching out uni’s and colleges for this year and next! it’s so much hard work lololololol, oh and i’ve also started another blog, it’s called
check it out and tell me what you think haha.


LONDON Tomorrow :D

Hey guys,

Guess what!?!? I’m going to the big city London tomorrow, all on my own, oh how much of a big girl I am hahaha. I’m super excited, my train leaves early in the morning, I really can’t wait. I might not take the tube while I’m there, because I might get lost. My older sister claims that I can’t get lost on the tube or in London, I beg to differ ahahaha. I wonder if my bus pass, will work on London buses, it should do…I sure hope it does to be honest, as I want to take the bus and many pictures. This is a holiday, after all haha. I’ve got my suitcase packed and all my snacks packed too, I’m ready for this trip 😀

Today was great too, I went for a meal with my family and ate tons…I’m still hungry though guys. Ah well, it was worth the treat and a blast.

In case you are wondering where I disappeared to, my panic attacks have been sky high lately and I was almost admitted into hospital, which would’ve sucked, so I’m glad my father got to me before the ambulance did, I sure gave my social worker or whatever title she has a fright, man, mental health sucks sometimes LOL