OOTD #1 autumn/fall grunge look


In this outfit, I’m wearing a skater dress that has a leather look and chequered shirt type style, a long bell necklace, black and white striped tights with hot pink knee high socks with purple skulls and a purple ribbon (on the back) that I worn as standard socks, paired with my brown cowboy ankle boots that have a small heel.

I love this ‘grunge’ style outfit!


#Better Late Than Never 7

Was up my ninjas!?!?! LOOL

Well, guys how is everyone doing? My laptop broke 😦 and I’m working my ass off to try and save for a new one, with phone bills to pay and travel/food costs, it isn’t going so well…oh and social life!

My life is feeling like a teenage drama tv show o.O LOL, it’s fun though, so I LOVE it xD

Truly excited for the Xmas break 😀 ahhh, I’d love if it snowed 😀

Peace Out my lovelies