#BetterLateThanNever 6

Hey guys!

I’ve not deserted or forgotten about you one bit! Each month, I didn’t post an entry I was sure thinking about it!

Let’s just say the past 5 months have been a bit crazy! Some good, some bad! I’ve decided that I want to be a toefl teacher and I’m currently studying for it! Oh and I want to study at uni in sweden! Hopefully I can do both! Perhaps one before the other xD

So…I’ve began watching the originals, it’s a pretty good season if you ask me! I love it!!!! The vampire diaries have picked up too!!! 😀 I want to start watching breaking bad as well and heck, even find some good anime! I haven’t since ‘Another’, man, the next best thing after death note!

Peace out guys!!!! I won’t leave it so long next time! I’m sorry xoxoxo 🙂