#Better Late Than Never 4 #Online Shopping

Hey guys! 

I LOVE online shopping, not sure whether you know or not…but it’s all I do. I do know, I told you guys earlier on about my anxiety issues (I need to give you an update on that later on), well, as a result of these anxiety problems, I have developed a long lasting relationship, between my laptop and BUY button on websites. 

I mean, I don’t buy pointless things, I only buy what I need or really want, I keep a checklist of the things I haven’t yet bought and tick them off as I’ve bought them, items can be on my checklist for 1-2 years, but they WILL be bought. I can guarantee you. I don’t like to know that I’ve spent money as such, when I buy in stores, I usually have to use cash, which I’m ALWAYS reluctant to do, I just don’t feel like the purchase was satisfying, I feel like, I just wasted my money on something I could’ve got at a better quality or cheaper online. Plus, I hate dealing with retail assistants and check out people/cashiers, oh and customer service. Online, I don’t have to speak to any shop worker or see them, if there’s a problem, which is HIGHLY unlikely, all I have to do is send a simple e-mail…

The more I think about it, it’s the more that I realise, whoever invented online shopping must have been socially awkward and suffer from social anxiety, it’s like an anxiety sufferers haven. GOOD JOB, whoever it was! 🙂  


Oh and sorry for the absence :/ xoxo


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