#Better Late Than Never 3

Hey guys! 

I’m so sorry for neglecting you all for like 5-6wks!!!! Or has it been that long? haha, well, i’ve been REALLY busy, perhaps I should’ve posted in advance! Well, I’ve been busy with college, i’m creating an animitaion, I’ll let you all see it when i’ve completed it, so watch out for the link 😉

As well as that, i’ve been attending loads of different events, baking a lot of cakes and pastries, oh and this week, I even started a new exercise regime, home training of course xD I want abs 😀

So if any of you know any good fitness regimes that help with abs, i’d really appreciate it tehe!

I found a shop that sells American sweets!!!! I bought willy wonka sweets, I also recently had some strange looking brownies. ImageImage


One last thing, Polish chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!! I have a Polish shop close by to me, it does the best chocolate EVER!



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