My favourite munchies!!!!

Look guys! Look what has been stealing my blogging time! My junk food love! Polish chocolate and my all time favorite sweets, since i can remember! Do you guys like the confused flavour?

Have you ever had Polish chocolate? It tastes SO different to British and American chocolate, there’s something about it that gives it, it’s unique taste. Not only this, but it has so many different, wild, yet delightful flavours, this is one of my favourites, along with a limited edition bar, that was HUGE, thick squares and was long in size, it had to be ate either over a few days or shared with others, it seems like my local Polish shop has stopped supplying it 😦 xoxo Image



#Better Late Than Never 3

Hey guys! 

I’m so sorry for neglecting you all for like 5-6wks!!!! Or has it been that long? haha, well, i’ve been REALLY busy, perhaps I should’ve posted in advance! Well, I’ve been busy with college, i’m creating an animitaion, I’ll let you all see it when i’ve completed it, so watch out for the link 😉

As well as that, i’ve been attending loads of different events, baking a lot of cakes and pastries, oh and this week, I even started a new exercise regime, home training of course xD I want abs 😀

So if any of you know any good fitness regimes that help with abs, i’d really appreciate it tehe!

I found a shop that sells American sweets!!!! I bought willy wonka sweets, I also recently had some strange looking brownies. ImageImage


One last thing, Polish chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!! I have a Polish shop close by to me, it does the best chocolate EVER!